Monday, June 13, 2016

Here Are Your Timesheets For The Month of June

Hello everyone.

Sorry for the ALL AGENCY email, but I wanted to remind you that timesheets are due by end of day TODAY and we need all of you to submit yours before going to Wanda's goodbye party at The Hop after work.

Please take a few minutes to find your job numbers and fill out your weekly hours as usual. If you don't see your job numbers, call me or Dante at x.646 and we'll get you straightened out.

See you all at The Hop!

88359: Misquoting the Bible

52205: Looking for that goddamned bread twist-tie

17289: Resting your balls on the boss's stapler

81109: Not touching your Edible Arrangement yet for fear of looking like a pig

92044: Making a K-turn with the mail cart

61460: Getting Killswitch Engage confused with Stabbing Westward

91002: Cutting your hair and dyeing it in the bathroom to evade the Feds

20464: Giving/receiving a Purell enema

44339: Checking out your pussy in the elevator door reflection

72218: Finding someone who gets your "Where's the beef?" joke

83525: Explaining the "Grey's Anatomy" finale

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