Tuesday, June 7, 2016

This Week In Hip Hop Awfulness

While filming "Fast and Furious 8," Luda gets in the wrong movie prop car and ends up back when "Incognegro" was his only released album.

Master P comeback plan: get TMZ's attention by misusing their name and bask in the free paparazzi promotion.

Three "urban" mannequins at JC Penney are SICK OF YOUR SHIT.

At least everyone in the lab is using eye protection.

DJ 40z and Hex are so anxious to get their scratch off lottery tickets, they showed up at the convenience mart 3 hours before they even open.

Drake regrets not grabbing the poncho on the coat rack. The poncho.

This is great. Not sure why they used an actual photograph for the Trump supporters, though.

"Please Jesus, don't let UPS lose my Zappos shipment again."

Oh, haven't you heard? Uncle Buck is black now.

The Sriracha Golem can't believe you just slapped him.

Perfect. Leave as is.

When three Revlon Colorsilk package models get together to form a girl group, you can bet it sounds like a cat with its paw stuck in a car door.

Note to Young Dro: Never, ever make an album cover that looks like a woman's contraceptive pills.

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